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A Walk Dizzy Production

2017 CD "The 5 Doors"
CD 2017

2014 CD "Eclectic Netherland"
CD 2014

2013 CD "Everything You Know is Wrong"
CD 2013

2012 CD "Mayan Revolution"
CD 2012

2012 CD "She's Minimum Wage"
CD 2011

2010 CD "life After Death"
CD 2010

2009 CD "MadStock 2009"
CD 2009

2008 CD "Hammer of Eden"
CD 2008

2007 CD "The Phoenix Sessions"
CD 2007

2005 CD "Freedom in its Purist Form"
CD 2005

2004 CD "Open up a Magazine"
CD Magazine 2004

2003 CD "Poetry and Music.com"
CD PoetryandMusic.com 2003

2001 CD "The Wax Museum"
CD 2001

2001 CD "All is Known"
CD 2001

2000 CD "I love the Bees"

CD 2000

1999 CD "Eternal Wealth Volume 1"
CD 1999

1998 CD "MadCow Volume 1"
CD 1998

Relax your mind......and open your body!

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Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Mandolin, Banjo, Bongos, Vocals and Effects

Jeff in vienna

Percussion, Flute, Mandolin, Blues Harp, Slide Guitar, Recording Effects and Production

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World MusicMantra, Live Stage ShowSounds of Mantra

Martina!! true Irish Folk artistLovely Irish Folk Babe

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mind expanding artwork of Laura Lynn Lashleybeautiful work

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middle-aged mutant ninja guinea pigs guitar guinea

Never on TuesdaystheNots.com

Aquarian Age Arts Amazing Work...Go Look Beautifully Airbrushed T-shirts & Tapestries by Dan Nelson

Lightnin CharlieBrilliant GuitarGreatest Live Blues Guitar!

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